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Serves Patients of All Ages

At Smile Dental Boutique, we serve patients from all walks of life, no matter their age. Dr Naji enjoys providing care for kids. Unlike a pediatric dentist, who only treats children and teenagers, we can treat the whole family and your child doesn't need to find a new dentist once they turn 18.

We prioritize preventative oral health care from an early age. By treating the whole family, we get familiar with potential hereditary oral health problems that we can keep an eye on in children.

When parents present with tooth decay, gum disease, or orthodontic problems, we know to stay on the lookout for these issues in children. We offer a variety of dental care, from preventive and restorative care to cosmetic dentistry and emergency treatments . Call today to schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Mission Viejo.

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Bacteria in tooth

If you don’t floss, you’re leaving plaque on 40% of your tooth surfaces!

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Benefits of Having a Family Dentist in Mission VIejo

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Alleviates Dental Anxiety

Taking your child to the same Mission Viejo dentist from an early age that the whole family goes to can make getting acquainted with the dentist much easier and more comfortable for them. 

They will feel less alone, as they can watch the same dentist treat you and develop a personal and trusting relationship with them. This is important to form a healthy relationship to oral health care from a young age, as this will form the basis of their approach to receiving dental care for the rest of their life.

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It is very convenient to be able to schedule simultaneous or back-to-back dental appointments for the whole family. This reduces time taken away from work and school for you and your children, as it is much easier to coordinate appointments for multiple people.

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Reliable Emergency Care

You should have someone reliable to go to in the event of a dental emergency. Time spent searching and calling up different practices is time that could be spent resolving the problem. By forming a dental home in Mission Viejo for the whole family, you always have someone available for prompt treatment.

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Proactive Preventive Care

We can help your children develop good oral hygiene habits early on, so they are less likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease that will require extensive treatment later on. We know how to treat baby and adult teeth with our expertise.

Types of Sedation

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Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is inhaled through a nasal mask along with oxygen. The sedative goes into effect within a couple of minutes of inhalation - these effects include a sense of euphoria, deep relaxation, giddiness, and sleepiness. You may also feel heaviness and tingling in your limbs. 

You are completely conscious during your procedure and can understand what’s going on around you. You can respond to the dentist if they ask you a question or give you instructions. However, you may not remember the procedure afterward due to the amnesiac effect.

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Tooth pain could indicate a very deep cavity or an infected tooth, which are both dental emergencies, and may require root canal therapy.

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What Do Family Dentists Do?

The bulk of family dentistry is all about prevention. We can help your whole family maintain good oral health with early detection of tooth decay and gum disease. By regularly getting cleanings and checkups, we can remove plaque and tartar buildup that is the source of so many oral health problems. We offer a wide variety of pediatric dentistry treatments for your little ones.

Fluoride treatments will be applied to prevent the risk of cavities. Fillings are used to prevent worsening decay in a tooth and dental sealants can make it easier to clean the rear molars and prevent cavities. 

We can treat infected teeth with root canal therapy, perform extractions in dental emergencies, and replace missing teeth. Essentially, there’s nothing a family dentist can’t do!

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Did you know…

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36% of the population have dental anxiety.

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