Root Canal in Mission Viejo

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a routine dental procedure that treats an infected tooth, alleviating pain and preserving the tooth's health. The procedure works by clearing out the infected pulp from the roots and sealing it, similar to how a cavity filling works. Using precise techniques and local numbing, we provide a root canal experience that is comfortable, painless, and effective.

Mission Viejo root canal therapy

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Up to 15% of Americans miss out on dental visits due to fear and misconceptions.

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What's the Process for a Root Canal?

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Exam and X-Rays

Every treatment starts with our dentist examining your situation through oral exam and reviewing X-rays. These key steps promote an accurate diagnosis and help to figure out if the root canal treatment is the best option to treat the problem.

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Anesthetic: Ensuring Patient Comfort

Before we begin a root canal treatment, we numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic. Only once you confirm you are comfortable will we proceed. Additionally, some patients may receive light sedation to facilitate a stress-free experience.

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Clearing the Infection

Your dentist then will clear out the infected and damaged tissues within the tooth, known as the pulp. If there is external decay as well, this will be removed. Once all infected and decayed material is removed from both inside and outside the tooth, your dentist will flush the area with anti-bacterial disinfectant.

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Sealing the Tooth and Final Restoration

The final step involves filling the interior of the tooth to support its structure. Then your dentist will either seal the tooth or provide a crown as a cap, depending on how extensive the tooth's damage was.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

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Symptom Relief

An infected tooth can cause severe symptoms that are increasingly difficult to deal with. From sharp, extreme pain to swollen, tender gums, an infected tooth is a source of much discomfort. A root canal can instantly relieve some symptoms and allow the others to quickly resolve following treatment.

Saving the Tooth

An infected tooth is at risk of infection and necrosis, which can lead to eventually losing the tooth. Timely treatment allows your dentist to save the tooth so it can remain a part of your smile.

Preventing Infection Spread

In some cases of untreated tooth infection, the infection can spread to other parts of the body. When this happens, your overall health can be put at risk. Additionally, the more widespread the infection, the more difficult it is to treat.

Aesthetic Restoration

Infected teeth are often the result of progressed decay or notable damage. In both cases, these can impact how the tooth looks. While a root canal is mostly focused on health, it does clear away unsightly decay and makes a healthy foundation for a natural looking and beautiful restoration. In most cases, after a root canal treatment a crown is necessary to preserve and protect the remaining tooth structure.

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About 25 million root canal treatments are performed each year, making them one of the most common treatments.

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Root Canal FAQs

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Why do you need a root canal?

An infected or vulnerable pulp is at the center of a root. Infection can occur by advanced tooth decay, which allows bacteria to enter the interior of the tooth. However, it can also happen due to injuries, such as a crack that exposes the inner pulp of the tooth. Once infected, the pulp begins to deteriorate, resulting in pain, inflammation, and tooth sensitivity. The affected pulp has to be removed, the canal need to be disinfected and sealed to alleviate these symptoms.

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Does a root canal treatment hurt?

This is often the first question our patients have when we discuss root canal treatment. Fortunately, we can confidently tell patients that the procedure is mostly painless. We use modern numbing and restoration techniques, ensuring a painless treatment that feels about the same as a routine filling.

What is a failed root canal treatment?

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While rare, failed root canal treatments can happen. This is why it is vital to choose an experienced dentist for your treatment. If even a tiny amount of bacteria remains in the tooth, the infection can return. In these cases, a patient would need retreatment to target the infection and remove all bacteria or in some cases extraction might be necessary.

Will I need a crown with a root canal?

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Patients may need a crown over their treated tooth if there is significant decay or damage. Crowns are a reliable way to protect a treated tooth while also restoring how it looks.

Does insurance cover a root canal?

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As a root canal treatment is key to maintaining patient health, most insurance will cover treatment to some degree. We work with patients to understand what portion of treatment and what options are covered under their plan.

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A root canal today can save you from invasive procedures like tooth extractions down the road.

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